Are the Chickens on Strike?

This has nothing to do with anything but my crazy life…

Saturday I was picking up a few groceries at a large grocery chain. I usually avoid this store because their marketing tactics leave me with the impression that they think I am an idiot who would fall for inane gimmicks.

If you tell me that the you are having a special, buy one get one free sale and then raise your price to more than twice the original price, you are not saving me any money.

Why do you say 10 for 5 dollars? Just call it 2 for a dollar. We are not so simple as to think we are getting a better deal just because you are offering more products.
Well, I was close to the area and only needed a couple items… 

Eggs and bread.

I growled as I put the bread in my cart and reasoned that my time was worth the extra 40 cents per loaf. 

BUT…. When I got to the eggs I gasped, $5.49 for an 18 pack of eggs! 

There was a young man filling the cooler and I had to ask him, “Are the Chickens on Strike?”

He was not sure what I meant. So, I explained that there must be a shortage on eggs for the price to be so high.

He puffed out his chest, like he was the rooster personally responsible for the production of the eggs and exclaimed, “These are Farm Fresh Eggs!”

I handed him the container in my hand and sadly explained that I would have to go to another store and buy some “city fresh eggs.”

$5.49 an 18 pack… They have lost their minds!

Someone needs to get the farm chickens to lower their prices a tad bit.


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