Nice Matters

Way back when… The Fabulous Velvet at  Ironic Surrealism II nominated me for the “ Nice Matters Blog Award“.

(I am glad you did not honor me with a punctuallity award!)


I feel extra special because Velvet is one of the nicest women in the blogosphere and to have her mention me… Well, it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. 

As a bonus I get to nominate 7 bloggers! There are so many that I simply adore… But, keeping in the spirit I will limit my picks to 7

My nominations are. D

Chantel of Sunshine and Blue Skies

Claire of Knee Deep in the Hooah 

Semper Fi Mom of Lubbock Marine Parents

Deb of Yankeemom

Tracy, Brat, & AC (Mel) of Tanker Brothers

Leta of From Cow Pastures to Kosovo

Terri of A Soldier’s Mind

I am only counting the Lovely Ladies at TB as one, so that I could slip in a couple more!  D

Note: The award button is girly, so all nominations are of the female variety.

If any of my nice as can be nominees wish to use this resized button for your sites, go ahead and grab it. Perfect for sidebar placement.


Hugs to all!


6 Responses to Nice Matters

  1. velvethammer says:

    LOL CavMom. Better late than never. 😀
    Thank you so much for those “nice” words. They mean a lot to me.

    I’ll add this link to my thread.

    Carry on. 😉

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  3. Claire says:

    Awh, thank you so much! Wow! I will have to put this on my blog. I am running out the door to go to the gym and run… hmm, I am seeing a disturbing pattern here! haha! I will definitely share it and put it on my blog… very pretty graphic by the way. I like girly! 🙂

  4. Thanks CavMom! I’m honored! I like the graphic too. I don’t get to put much girly stuff on our blog. This will be fun!

  5. brat says:

    Thank you…..I had never heard of this until I read it here today. Shows how in the loop I am – NOT!!! But, I love the company we are in 🙂 Thank you ALL for all that you do.

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