Wahooooo… I am home!

Well, actually I am at work! But, I am back in Houston. I spent a three day weekend with my parents and several (50 plus) brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Gosh, I missed my soft bed (and my adorable husband) -D

I made new friends with two of my 3 year old nephews.  I think they were drawn to me because I could relate to them at their level. Three year olds ROCK!

Special hugs out to Crew, who taught me that stuffed animals do not taste good and to Robert, who introduced me to “Wings” his imaginary friend.

If I were ever given the chance to come back as anything that I wanted, I would chose to come back as a three year old!

Oh the satisfaction of stripping down to my undies and running around the house without a care.

The pure joy of stuffing my pockets with the walnuts that I found in the back yard.  

I learned a very valuable lesson from Crew: If you want something; work hard, perservere, and pray that your apponents fold!And a message to Crew’s parents: Hang in there! You definately have the best stories to share with his future wife!

(I have borrowed this picture from Crew’s Mom because I have not unpacked my camera.)


7 Responses to Wahooooo… I am home!

  1. SK says:

    What a DOLL!!

  2. Claire says:

    What a cutie pie!

    Listen now if you ever really want to run around in your panties without a care, just be sure the curtains are closed and the doors are locked. :p

  3. cavmom says:

    He is all boy and because he is such a ball of fun, I taught him how to body slam a big stuffed animal WWF style!

    Isn’t that what aunts are for? 😀

    Ummmm Claire, it is just not the same. I cannot strip down to my undies and throw my clothes out the window while we are driving down the road. (yes, Crew pulled that one!)

    Gosh, I miss the little guys already.

  4. DNR says:

    Welcome home. I always fine that I need an extra vacation day to unpack (camera..) and recover. You’re the trooper for heading straight back to work!!

    Hummm, come back as a 3 year old… sounds like a plan. I’ll join you!!

  5. He’s adorable! Oh the joy of 3 year old boys! I used to teach preschool and that’s my favorite age.

  6. Vince Vitale says:

    Oh Lord, the “Terrible Threes” – how well I remember them!!!! There were times I wasn’t sure he was gonna make it to four!!! 😉

  7. cavmom says:

    😀 Vince ~ We are all glad that he did make it!

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