How is the Weather?

  • Houston, TX

    • Thursday

      Clear81° / 60°

  • Baghdād, IRQ

    • Thursday

      Clear81° / 61°

    I like to keep tabs on the weather conditions in the Middle East and it is not very often that the temps line up like this.

    And let’s not forget our Soldiers in Afghanistan. The lovely Ms Morgan is facing a bit of a chill.

    Kabul, AFG

    • Thursday

    This is just a reminder to keep our Warriors in your thoughts. As November progresses into December, I am sure they would love some hand warmers and hot cocoa added to their box, along with wool socks and hearty soups. Don’t forget; nothing warms the soul like letters and pictures from home.

  • Also, it is now cool enough to send CHOCOLATE! If you do not have a Soldier who would like chocolate, then feel free to mail it to me.


    4 Responses to How is the Weather?

    1. Ugh! The cold, wet mud in that first picture doesn’t look like fun. brrrrr

    2. cavmom says:

      Semper Fi Mom ~ It looks cold and nasty, but I had to chuckle when I saw that picture. I love that our guys can turn the nasty weather into a snowball fight! They are the people who make lemonade when life gives them lemons.

    3. SK says:

      There are Soldiers who don’t like chocolate?

    4. cavmom says:

      SK ~ I was covering the “Just in case” issue and securing a request for all unwanted Chocolate!

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