Welcome Home…

Today is the day!

Collective Soul is one of my all time favorite bands…

…And of course my Li’l Trooper is my favorite Soldier…

…So, I chose this video to say “Welcome Home” Son…


(If I am anywhere near a computer over the next 4 days, I will post pictures. Otherwise they will be posted Monday!)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Hugs Out!


12 Responses to Welcome Home…

  1. scarlett says:

    Welcome home Soldier!!! God bless! Thank you for your service. Please accept my virtual hand shake & salute.

    I have goosebumps listening to the song.
    I LOVE Collective Soul too!


  2. scarlett says:


    Ooops I guess I should of mentioned, Scarlett is my other nick. I have a second blog up.

    – Velvet Hammer 😀

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  4. Ronin says:

    Congratulations CavMom and please thank your little trooper for his work on our behalf.

  5. Leta says:

    Dang it – you’ve got me all teary eyed.

    Welcome home “honey!”

  6. Deb Marquis says:

    Welcome home, Thanks for doing such a great job.
    Cindy give him a big hug from me. Tell him it’s from the pillow lady.
    Love ya all
    Deb Marquis
    ps just think I’ll be hugging my boy soon. can’t wait

  7. Cher Stanley says:

    Welcome Home Solider!
    Many well wishes sent to your from the Florida Space Coast!
    Always remember you make a difference and we thank you for it.
    Hugs – Cher

  8. plodon says:

    Thanks, man.

    2nd time around, eh? Well, glad people like you do it. Welcome home.

  9. DNR says:

    *smiles* *grins* it’s good to not hear from you!

  10. Leta says:

    Drumming fingers on table…….
    Rolling eyes……..
    Shaking head…………
    Throw us a bone………………….
    Boots on US soil????????????????
    Lots O Hugs and Tears then steak and beer???????????????????

    Thinking of you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

  11. SK says:

    I’m with Leta on this one!

    I know y’all are busy, but just one teensy update?

    If you’re reading this……


  12. cavmom says:

    Thanks guys! It feels wonderful to have him back in the States. Only a few more months and the rest of the unit will be back as well…

    … And then the party can really begin! 🙂

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