My Heart is Full!

Oh what a day Thursday was… Where should I begin? The antsy stress that was building up while sitting in road construction on Hwy 290? The Excitement? the Anxiety? or even the nagging little worry that something could happen to him before they arrive?

It was that darn “Murphy’s Law” chewing away at my stomach… I knew I would not feel at ease until I was able to see my Li’l Trooper with my own eyes, wrap my arms around him and squeeze. Then and only then would I be able to exhale.

We made it to Ft. Hood with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, we did have not quite enough time to have lunch with Jess and baby Gene before the plane landed. Drats… -\

Thankfully Terri, of  A Soldier’s Mind was close by.  She was so wonderful with guiding us to the right gate at Ft Hood and then providing us with her knowledge of the events at hand, helping everything to run more smoothly in my jumbled thought process. 

THANK YOU, Terri! It was so nice of you to take the time to show us around and it was awesome meeting you!

There seemed to be electricity in the air. I could feel the energy of all the families who were waiting on their loved one. I grinned at the young girl who constantly asked her mom, “Where is Daddy?”

We wandered around making small talk… If someone said something important to me during that span, I can only apologize and ask you to try telling me again now. Nothing that was said to me, around me, or even about me sunk in. I was there… but not really. Everything was surreal, a complete dream state.

And then the buses… 

How can I begin to explain what I felt when the buses began to roll up to Cooper Field at Ft. Hood? People kept asking me if I was cold. I looked at my arms and noticed that I had goose bumps, but I didn’t even feel the chill in the air. My brain was fixated on just one thing… Seeing David live and in person. 

Seeing the buses and knowing our loved ones were aboard, the families were buzzing with excitement!

Shortly after David deployed to Iraq, I found  a video on the 1st Cav web site. (which of course I cannot find now) The reason I am bringing this up??? 

As the buses pulled away, leaving our Soldiers standing so proudly across the field from us, a song was playing over the speakers… It was the same song from the video that showed our Troopers boarding the plane for Iraq.

And I began to cry. No longer was my brain in a fog. No longer was this a dream. Right in front of us was the most heartwarming site. Mr. J. nudged me and grinned. No longer in constant worry mode, the tears of joy fell freely.  I quickly wiped them away and grabbed my camera. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. The weights had lifted. I was flying!   

Here is a couple shots of my Li’l Trooper and his buddy… (when we see him again next weekend, I will take the time to actually ask his name!)  

(Do you think they look happy to be home!?!?!?!)

One more with me …

And then I was able to meet some of the fabulous ladies of the FRG! 


Sharla, Jackie, and Jess thank you so much for all that you do thank you for coming to the field and helping us celebrate David’s homecoming. Ya’ll Rock!  (Becky, I hope I still get a chance to meet you!) The celebration will be complete when the rest of our guys are home.


Jess and baby Gene   

  Thank you Jess, for all of your kind words and help while David was away. I am honored to have your friendship. 

Here is a snap shot of the cool purse that Jess made for me! Jess, you have a wonderful talent!

I will close this post with a big Thank You to everyone for your support. It makes all the difference in the world having friends and family who help you thru the rough patches.

I will continue to blog… because… Well, there are many Soldiers and many stories. (and because it keeps me from talking to myself)

Good Grief… I almost forgot to mention… We shuttled David’s buddy, (I will insert his first name, when I get it… hehehe) ____ Thomas to the Houston airport. He grabbed a flight to Louisiana, arriving just in time to witness the birth of his son!

Congrats on the birth of baby T!


30 Responses to My Heart is Full!

  1. SK says:

    HOT DAMN!!!!!!

    You made me cry though. *sniff*

    Welcome Home
    Lil Trooper and Friends.

  2. SK says:

    HOT DAMN!!!!!!

    You made me cry though. *sniff*

    Welcome Home
    Lil Trooper and Friends.

  3. SK says:

    What the…???? I have no idea what happened. Sorry!

  4. LL says:


    Welcome Home, Lil Trooper and buddies!!

    I bet you’re so happy, CavMom. *hugs*

  5. Terri says:

    It was my pleasure to help out and to meet you. I’m getting ready to head to Kansas for a family emergency, but will email you the pics I took when I get back.

  6. Deb Koefoot says:

    What a wonderful email to open!

    C, my friend, I cannot imagine how you must have felt! Brought tears and anticipation just reading it…I couldn’t hardly process I was reading so fast.

    David…thank you and all your Buds for your service. We are most proud of you all and most especially thankful for your safe return home.

    This will be your best Thanksgiving ever!


  7. Yay!!! You made me cry too! I love the joy that fills my heart with happiness for you. Does that make sense?

    You did such a fantastic job of putting your feelings into words. Now, the best cook in the world gets to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her Lil Trooper. 🙂 I envy that man!

  8. […] A dear blogger friend at 2nd Verse – Same as the 1st, will have her Lil Trooper home from Iraq for Thanksgiving. He is back in the states and she has documented the joy at her blog. […]

  9. Vince Vitale says:

    OK, I’m guessing you’re somewhat excited at David’s safe arrival in the States??? Kidding, I’m kidding—— congratulations Cindy I’m really glad that he made it home safely and in time for the holidays – not too much doubt what you and the family will be thankful for next Thursday!!!! Thank David and his brothers-in=arms for me and thank you for raising a young man with the dedication and commitment to serve his country and to do what needs to be done. The vast majority of folks his age are all too content to let someone else do it. It can’t always be “someone elses son”.

    God bless you folks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving – your family has certainly earned it.

  10. brat says:

    {{{{{{{{{{{Cindy David and Mr. J}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Thank you ALL for serving…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  11. Deb Marquis says:

    That was absolutly beautiful. My heart raced and tears streamed along with you as you describe your feelings. Oh that wonderful bus, I could hardly breath. I truly cannot wait till I experience the same thing.
    Please tell David that I can’t wait to meet him as well, I sure hope you will be there for the mainbody.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Oh what we have to be thankfull for.

    Love ya all
    Deb Marquis

  12. yankeemom2 says:

    Awww, Cavmom!! That is so wonderfully wonderful!! Love the pics~ wiping a tear…

    Hi David!!! Welcome Home!!! And Welcome Home to all the CAVS!!
    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!

    And Thank you! Thank you!!

  13. preachermedic says:

    Wow!!! That brought back some memories! Cindy, thanks so much for sharing such great news with the rest of us! David, thankyou, and thank all of your buddies for serving in harm’s way. God bless.

  14. tnafbrat says:

    Gal Pal …. What can I say that you haven’t said. Hugs to you, David and all the CAVS. My heart overflows for you! Bless you all

  15. Sharon says:

    Homecoming! Ooh Rah! But, David, HOOAH, to you! Wonderful story, Cindy, God Bless you and all your family on Thanksgiving!

  16. DotDeb says:

    C: I am so happy for you! Hugs to you all and …

    Welcome Home, David! Thank you for your service!

  17. Leta says:

    I’m just so indecisive. Rice or birdseed? LOL

    I can’t think of better news this week for sure! I cannot begin to imagine how happy, excited, thrilled, relieved……you get the picture……y’all are. Your welcome home report was SO worth the wait. Been thinkin’ bout cha.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving. I could be more thankful OUR L’il Trooper is H O M E!

  18. Leta says:

    Oh….and LOVE that purse. Talk about a fund raising possiblity! Of course, we’ll need a TANKER version ya know!

  19. cavmom says:

    Hey Sherri ~ Thanks for the comments. I was going to delete one, but decided it was worth reading twice! 😀

    LL~ Yee-Haw sums it up quite nicely (with a Texan flair)

    Terri~ Thanks again! I pray that all is ok with your family. Send me a note when you get a chance.

    Maggie ~ Thanks for sharing in this happy dance with us!

    Sunflower D ~ That made perfect sense. You know there is always room at the Thanksgiving table for you and yours. (of course, then you would need to endure those ticket prices)

    Vince ~ I am glad that you cleared that up because I was was worried that you might be serious. 😉 I will be sure to pass on the message. It certainly makes the season much brighter this year, giving the holidays a very special meaning.

    Brat ~ (((((((hugs))))))) right back atcha… thank you for so so much this past year!

    Deb M ~ Only a couple more months and we will be sharing the happiness with the entire unit. I pray that time flies for you and your family and that Rick is soon home!

    Yankee Mom ~ I have been running crazy for the past couple weeks and have not spent much time posting on may favorite sites. But, I enjoy all the writing that you do! Thank you so much… and give your daughter a big hug from me.

    Preacher ~ Thanks for stopping in! Your wonderful words of wisdom are etched in my heart and have helped me on many occasions. 🙂

    Sharon ~ Always an honor when you stop in my friend! (and Ooh Rah is acceptable) Being a civilian I go with the Whoot Whoot! 😀

    Leta ~ We go with the rice. Then when the birds kill over, they are already stuffed for dinner. Big hugs to you for all of your hard work in supporting our guys!

    … and to the Girlie Girls ~ Deb, Denise, Dottie, Mary, and Lynne (I received beautiful emails from Lynne and Mary last night) Thank you so much for propping me up these past couple of years! … and Eric will be home soon!!!!!!!


  20. SgtSwug says:

    Hey sis tell him Welcome home. As a former CAV man myself all I can say is job well done son.
    Welcome back. And to you Cindy. you held up pretty well. What I want to say I can’t. but those who went know already. For those who waited patiently tearfully and otherwise. May God grant peace to your souls. I dont give a hoot what the papers say, there are very few soldiers that don’t believe in a God of sorts. Most of all God bless you all for your support of our troops.

  21. Congratulations!! Your post made me cry. I’m thrilled for you!!

  22. Claire says:

    WOOHOO! Another beloved son back home on US soil! I am doing a happy dance with you! I am so glad he is home and he is well!

  23. Flag Gazer says:

    Happy Tears!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us…
    Welcome Home and Welcome to the World Baby T !!!

  24. susan says:

    Dear Cindy,
    I am so HAPPY for you! May God continue to Bless you and David. Thank him from me,a Marine Mom. I wish you a Blessed and GRATEFUL Thanksgiving! Love the pics!
    Love and hugs to all, Susan

  25. Donna, Los Osos, CA says:

    This is so wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    Welcome Come CAV!!

  26. cavmom says:

    Hey Bro! Give the family our love.

    Semper Fi Mom ~ Mine comes home and yours heads to battle. Your son is in our prayers. One day soon I look forward to reading your post that your son is home too!

    Claire ~ I pray that your hubby will be able to come home while your son is home. Hugs to you.

    Flag Gazer ~ Gosh, thanks for stopping in. I always enjoy your words on the various blogs I tip-toe thru!

    Susan~ Big hugs to you and yours! I enjoy the many email smiles that you send my way. 🙂

    Donna, my Tanker Sister ~ Long time since we have shared a laugh… How about the Chargers? (all we can do is laugh about this season… 😀 )

  27. Ok, your reply made me cry AGAIN! Thank you CavMom!!

  28. DNR says:

    I am SOOooo happy for you!!!
    Many (((HUGS))) for you, Lil Trooper.

    God bless!!!

  29. Jess says:

    Dear Cindy!! Sorry it took me this long to write! Baby Gene was sick and with my grandma gone I was SO BUSY! but things seemed to have slowed down a bit. It was great meeting you and i love the pictures!! I certainly can’t wait for my husband and the rest of the guys to come back home. You take care and I will talk to you soon 🙂 Hugs and love Jess Lilly 🙂

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