The Light at the end of the Tunnel

It is getting closer… The families of the 4-9 Cav are all holding their breath collectively. Only a few more weeks and our families will be hugging their Soldiers. (yes, y’all it is an incredible experience!)

As the days draw near, please remember to keep the safety of our guys as your top priority. As much as I know that you want to shout the news from the roof tops, I am asking that you keep a fairly tight lip.

Our guys have worked hard and we are very proud of them… Let’s not ruin the reunions by placing them in danger.

Last night I visited a website for troop support and was surprised to see that a parent had post the actual date that her son was flying out of Iraq.

I completely understand her excitement and enthusiasm. But, that is so very scary!

In this cold twisted world there are ugly people with nasty agendas who are searching for information to do harm.

PLEASE be selective of who and where you are sharing information.  

HUGS to all… It won’t be long now!


2 Responses to The Light at the end of the Tunnel

  1. Yeah, it’s not like the insurgents don’t have access to the Internet over there… Best to keep mum…

    Merry Christmas and lots of Cheers,

    (P.S. – Yes, I know. I used a double-negative in my sentence structure.)

  2. Leta says:

    Ugh! When will people EVER learn?

    Thanks for the “heads up” about a homecoming sometime soon. I can only imagine the anxious people on both sides of the pond.

    A big THANKS to all.

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