Have you Ordered Your Copy?

February 21, 2008

From Michael Yon:


This note comes from Mosul, where Iraqi and American are engaging in a serious fight with al Qaeda, ISI, JAI, Ansar al Sunna, and other groups, in what many believe will be the last major battle of this war.  This amalgam of terrorists, even including a cell of 1920 Revolution Brigades who are unfriendly toward us here (whereas elsewhere the 1920s have joined us in the fight against AQI), is fractured and incoherent.  The groups fight among themselves and provide lethal information about each other to Iraqi and US forces. 

Ansar al Sunna, for instance, has been selling out al Qaeda.  The 1920s have hated AQI since at least 2006, and have been good at killing AQI in Anbar and in Diyala, for instance. Just why these groups are so fractured is not entirely clear, though some reasons are obvious.  AQI and 1920s are different sorts of people with differing agendas, and above it all, there is money in Mosul, and so the individual terror groups can fund their own campaigns without overwhelming need to form alliances.

Mosul is not exactly al Qaeda’s last stand in Iraq; pockets remain in areas south of Baghdad where AQI is being severely damaged by Iraqis and Americans; Diyala (more of same), Salah ad Dinh (deadly for AQI), and a few other pockets.  It is true, however, that Mosul is the last major population center where AQI has any chance whatsoever.

Mosul is a setting, then, where I can finish the final chapters of Moment of Truth in Iraq In between research and writing, I will be signing the special edition inserts for the books.  Moment of Truth in Iraq is being sold in advance through my website. I can only sign a limited number of books and everyone is working hard to have the signed editions also ship to you on April 22 when the book is released.
Again, there are only so many I will be able to sign, so if you wish to support this mission and get a signed edition of the book, it may be ordered at the publisher’s ordering page. (Please remember that you are being charged now and the book will ship on the publication date of April 22, 2008.)

Attention to what has been happening here and with me is growing slowly, in fits and starts, in newspapers and on radio. 

A new RUBs dispatch is posted on the site, “At Long Last, Justice,” a follow-up to an earlier dispatch about the problem of Sunni detainees held in Iraqi prisons, sometimes for months and years, without being charged.  “At Long Last, Justice,” also talks about the importance of maintaining a media full court press in Iraq on the reform and reconciliation efforts as well as on the combat operations. Media attention on stories like the one in the new dispatch actually influence the outcome, for the good, because Iraqis are a media savvy people.

Hopefully my book will bring stories like these to the attention of more people. As always, your help is greatly appreciated and crucial.



I am anxiously awaiting his second book! If you would like to get one of the signed copies, you need to hurry and place your order. There are only a few times that I have actively pushed any products on my blog. Michael’s book is one that I stand behind. No one else has brought us such an accurate up-close view of the War against Terror in the Middle East.

Hugs to you, Sir… Stay safe and keep the reports rolling in.

(To help you keep the dream Alive!)


Pass on the Message

February 21, 2008

I have a complete post (I promise)

But, right now it is banging around in my head. When I get a couple hours (I type very slowly) I will  air my complete thoughts on the assault of our Troops.

We Stand Behind You

February 20, 2008

Many have been following the events in Berkeley, CA.

I would like to add: We too stand proudly behind the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. We will not sit quietly by and allow the loud and misguided to slander their names.

Thanks to the power of the Internet we are able to see the truth. We are not led by the voices of those, such as the Berkeley City Council, who choose to spread ill will.

We are proud of those who fight for us and in turn, we will fight for you on the home front.

(and a special hug to my very own L’il Trooper… We love you son!)