October 31, 2006

Yippee Skippee…

I just received an email from David.I cannot imagine facing the separation of a loved one at war without modern technologies.  Those family members who sat and waited for weeks on end, checking the mail box every afternoon.

I am very thankful to be in closer contact… I try to exercise patience. I really do. It is just tough waiting when you want to know they are ok.

By the way…. He is ok! I do have an address for him if you want to drop him a note of support. Just send me an email because I do not want to leave it here.



Support from Around the World

October 30, 2006

Many groups from around the world are supporting the War on Terror.

While reading an Australian blog Andrew Landeryou
I discovered this fantastic video of Aussie lass, Beccy Cole, who is singing “Poster Girl” in response to some of her fans who disagree with her supporting the Diggers, the Australian soldiers fighting in The Long War
Turn up the speakers and enjoy!

Poster Girl

From Andrew’s blog ~

We can only hope those too willing to abandon Iraq whether they come in and out of International Socialist meetings or the White House itself are listening to her.

I supported the decision to liberate Iraq. Despite the toll in treasure and in lives, it was clearly the right decision. Saddam Hussein is in prison not in power, endangering the lives of his countrymen, his neighbours and much of the world.

Some are suggesting a vote. A nationwide plebiscite in Iraq to decide whether US and allied forces should withdraw.

A majority could reaffirm the moral imperative of the American mission. And silence the surrender monkeys gathering around as high as some advising the President.

A vote in favour of withdrawal could enable America and allies to withdraw honourably, at the democratically determined direction of the people of Iraq. Not even the OC could argue with that.

For the one democratic certainty is that the punters always – by a magic that cannot be explained – somehow get it right. Even in Iraq.

Game on.

A Special Fast

October 29, 2006

Some time back I joined up a wonderful group of people. They consist of Soldiers, family members of Soldiers, and awesome supporters of our men an women who are fighting the War on Global Terrorism.

During this period a woman that many have heard of, Cindy Sheehan, started a ‘fast’.  Her theme is anti-war, bring the troops home.

As a mother of an awesome young man in the Army, I was intrigued at first. For what type of person would ever want to send a loved one into the fire of the storm? I too, want the troops home. I want the war to end.

However, when I read more of Ms. Sheehans words, I discovered her thoughts centered more on ‘discontent of the President’  than support towards our Troops.

Tanker Brothers had a wonderful idea. We could begin our own fast. Each taking a day to fast and pray for the safety of our men and women in harms way, that they may be guided by the wisdom of the Lord, and have the strength and courage to serve their mission.

Yesterday I picked two special Soldiers to honor while I fasted:

 Today is my Happy Birthday, so go ahead and break out the cake! Just don’t tell me how good it tastes.

Seriously, I am fasting for all the men and women who are in harms way. Those who celebrate their own birthday away from their loved ones. I have chosen to send out a case of Little Debbie’s Snack cakes to my guys today. With a wish that they all know we are thinking of them on their own special day.

I am also honoring my big brother Capt. ‘Bro’. He has been my rock through the war. Taking time to explain the uglies, never sugar coating, yet helping me feel somewhat at peace. Thank you for being there to pull me out of the dumps time after time.


And one more… My Buddy “Rod” and his unit from Hawaii, who are in Iraq … The Little Debbie’s are coming your way! Thank you for fighting the Good Fight for us back home!

 I should have an update on David’s unit by Wednesday!

Looking out for the Children

October 27, 2006

Today I am going to pass on the words of Pam with the “Iraqi War News” blog.

Help Support Camp Lejeune’s Ballerinas!

Camp Lejeune has a troupe of little Heroines that really need your help.Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune’s Community Center offers dance classes to kids ages 3 – 10. Instructor Lauren Kelly-Hill contacted local businesses with “we support our troops” signs in their windows, to ask for sponsorship for costumes for the kids’ December holiday dance recital, in return for an ad in the recital program.The kids need a total of $1,200 for their costumes for the December recital. Costumes and other supplies for the larger Spring recital will be about twice that.

Unfortunately, only one business responded – only to report that they were financially committed for the year. I understand that many businesses may have obligations, but I have to say, this is a pretty poor showing for a military town – especially when we’re talking about businesses that declare that they “support our troops.”

Supporting our troops means supporting their families, too. For many of these girls, it will be a last chance to show off before their Hero deploys – most of these Marines will be away during the Spring recital. So these little ladies really need your help.

Only $1,200 – really not much. I’ve got a fairly modest readership as blogs go, and if every one of my readers gave only a couple of dollars, we’d have it covered, and then some. A little more than that, and we’ve got Spring covered, too.

Please consider making a donation to help Camp Lejeune’s ballerinas to make their holiday recital special. The donation isn’t tax deductible, but as Lauren says, “it IS going for the 40 most beautiful little girls to have an awesome recital with costumes, decorations, and recital photos.”

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

You can make your donation here. Mine’s already in.Thank you for any help you can provide to these little girls. It’s going to mean more than you can know to them and to their families.

Many people support the troops in various ways. However, I find that many more choose to just ‘say’ they support them. Their support never goes further than the ribbon on their car or the friendly wave to a Soldier.

I would like to challenge Americans to step up to the plate and make a difference. Collect goodies for care packages, write letters to those deployed, volunteer to help the family left behind by mowing a lawn or shoveling snow off a sidewalk.

Here is a site with many ways to show you care: http://familyfirst.net/famlife/military.asp


It’s too early for panic attacks, Right?

October 26, 2006

He has not been gone that long…

Yet, the shortness of breath, the tightening of the chest, fuzzy vision, roaring in my ears….

Holy Cow…. I am thankful for  my strong friend Lynne for guiding me thru… for pulling me out.

Hugs Girlie Girl ~ You Rock!

Now I am off to self-medicate with a hot cup of cocoa.

God Bless our men and women who are in harms way.

Hot Water

October 25, 2006

How to get your Soldier/Son in Hot Water

Friday, I was trying to plan my trip to Ft. Hood to see David before he left. He had not checked his emails in three days and I have no phone number for him.

All I needed to know was the time for his pre-manifest at the gym. I called his FRG and was told that only family members could give out that information.

So, I sent an email to Rear Detachment, hoping for an answer before I left Houston.

The clock was ticking… Growing desperate, I called Ft. Hood directory and asked for the phone number for the Rear Detachment for his unit. I laughed and joked with the operator, who was very helpful in giving me directions around the base.

I then called who I thought was the Rear Detachment for the 4-9. The call went like this:


“Yes, Sir, I am trying to find the time of my son’s Pre-manifest.”

“Why didn’t your son give you this information?”

“Well, Sir, He shut off his cell phone and we have been out of contact.”

“Ma’am, I have no way of knowing if you are who you claim to be and your connection to this Soldier.”

“Sir, if you would like I will fax a copy of my ID and pertinent information.”

“Do you think I have nothing better to do than to search for a fax machine?”

“I apologize. Would it be easier if I scan my ID and send it in an email?”

“Yes, that will be acceptable.”

I had no idea who I was talking with… but, was sure he was in a very bad mood.

About 10 minutes later I get a call from Capt. Whitman, the CO for the Rear Detachment. He was fantastic. Passed on all the information that I needed and chatted with me for a few minutes about my son.

About 10 minutes after that I got a call from my ‘darling’ son:

“Hello Princess.” (What did he just call me???)

“Hi, David. How are you doing?”

“Um Mom, How did you get the Col’s number?”

“What Col.?”

As it turns out, The Man who answered “Matlock” is Col Patrick Matlock, the son-in-law of Gen. Tommy Franks. And he was not amused with answering my questions.

Lesson learned…. (for David) I will go to the CiC if necessary to reach you!

We are missing you already… Please be careful… Oh yes, forgot to mention. My contact person let me know where you are this morning! 😉

David’s 2nd Tour in Iraq

October 24, 2006

This is my un-official on-line Journal where I will post updates and random thoughts about David’s second tour in Iraq.

There are some topics I will avoid for his safety…


We were able to visit with David on Saturday before he departed. What can I say. His attitude is positive. His goals are well thought out. He is ready to serve with full confidence in the mission at hand.

A brave young man, yes he is a man now, hugged me and reassured me that he would be fine.

God Bless our men and women in harms way and keep them safely protected under your strong hands. Give them courage in battle. Comfort their weary hearts. Give them wisdom and strength. And most of all, let them feel the love we have for them back home

I kissed my son goodbye    <— a teary song